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How DocLink Works

Accessing Corporate Content

Not all content within an enterprise is created or controlled by end users. Many organizations have large volumes of marketing materials, system generated reports, and technical manuals that are critical to employees working outside corporate offices. DocLink provides simple, secure delivery of this content while ensuring mobile users have access to information when they need it.

Other Solutions Fall Short

Oftentimes companies post business-managed content on an internal portal or try to force-fit a content collaboration tool to deliver the materials. Each of these approaches has its challenges.

  • Portals

    Portals are cumbersome and inefficient for mobile users. Access usually requires connectivity to the corporate network and repeated authentication. Once connected, users are faced with a navigation and viewing experience not designed for mobile devices. Users needing or wanting local copies of the files are left to manage those items on their own, leaving files unsecured and easily out-of-date.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration tools introduce unnecessary complexity and costs. With collaboration tools, data (along with permissions) must be moved or replicated and maintained. In addition, organizations find themselves paying monthly fees for functionality that is often not leveraged.

Key Features

DocLink securely delivers business-managed documents and content controlled behind the corporate firewall to mobile employees, without complexity.

Offline Document Access

Syncs user-selected files and folders automatically, ensuring anytime accessibility to key corporate and industry documents

User Targeted Reports

Delivers reports generated by BI or other enterprise systems dynamically to individuals, providing a personalized user experience

Multi-Platform Support

Provides a common experience across all devices, including Windows and iOS, for maximum adoption

Business-Managed Content

Gives content providers administrative privacy and controls, ensuring complete ownership of folders and documents

Reliable access to the most up-to-date documents

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